A Payday Loan for your Breast Enlargement


Many women suffer from the fact that their breasts are too small in their opinion or have a sagging or limp connective tissue. This often leads to mental stress. Therefore, many women aspire to breast surgery or breast augmentation.

As a rule, an operation for breast augmentation is not paid by the statutory or private health insurance, so that in the absence of equity financing of the intervention on a so-called credit for breast augmentation may be required.

Requirements for financing breast augmentation

Credit for cosmetic surgery is usually not given by banks and savings banks specifically for this purpose. In most cases, a general purpose loan is offered, which allows the use for the cost of surgery for breast augmentation. The lending is preceded by a bank-side credit check, which usually includes obtaining a Private credit information.

The question of whether and on what terms a loan is granted depends significantly on the client’s financial circumstances. Interested parties with long-term unfinished employment relationships or civil servants and employees in the public sector receive particularly favorable interest rates.

It is often worthwhile to obtain and compare several offers directly with the loan calculator . Any fees and the need to take out residual debt insurance should also be included in the settlement.

The same applies to the possibility of repayment before maturity without appropriate compensation for the bank.

Cost of breast augmentation / breast reduction

Cost of breast augmentation / breast reduction

kind of treatment Costs in Germany Costs abroad
breast augmentation 4400 euros – 6500 euros 2700 euros – 3600 euros
breast reduction 4000 euros – 5000 euros 2800 euros – 3500 euros

Ways to credit

Ways to credit

A credit for breast augmentation can also be taken in other ways. If the breast augmentation in a particular clinic to be performed, the hospital management can be addressed to an installment.

Established doctors are prohibited from granting loans. If breast augmentation is planned for a doctor working in private practice, such as a specialist in aesthetic surgery, it is often still worthwhile to call a doctor for a loan.

We has contacts to banks or credit intermediaries, who give or arrange such earmarked small loans. Thus, a breast augmentation can be financed by a loan. A comparison of terms is also worthwhile with such offers.

Breast augmentation to the medical standards prevailing in Germany should not fail at the hurdle of financing. This is a challenging surgical procedure, so the alternative of cheaper breast augmentation abroad due to any complications and aftercare needs to be well considered. Alternatively, a loan from private to private via appropriate Internet platforms offers.

Breast surgery on rates despite Private credit

Unfortunately, consumers with a negative entry to the Private credit can hardly get a loan in this country. For them, however, there is the possibility to carry out financing on installments despite Private credit. This is now possible with many plastic surgeons in Germany. However, the choice should not be made primarily dependent on whether such funding is possible: the focus should rather be on the quality and experience of the treating medical team.

However, it is usually worthwhile to arrange a non-binding consultation beforehand in which the payment methods can also be addressed.

If this fails to the satisfaction of the patient, details such as the exact amount of the installments can be discussed. Again, you should thoroughly inform yourself in advance and get as many offers as possible. Because only in this way it is guaranteed that you can find the best credit model in this area.

Breast OP installment without Private credit – further information

Aesthetic operations are considered medical services. The exact performance of the treating physician, the duration of the surgery, the complexity and the cost of materials are therefore different in each case.

Important is a thorough and personal consultation in advance and a detailed preliminary investigation. As a rule, costs are incurred even before the actual intervention, and the service to be performed must be paid in advance.

Due to the different prices, you should definitely take time in advance for a comprehensive comparison. Optimal offers not only come with a very good price-performance ratio, but also give useful advice on financing.

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